What We Do

ADS is a progressive 21st century addiction charity.  ADS runs a number of drug, alcohol and prescription drug addiction services across Staffordshire.

In 2019 we celebrated 45 years of working to create services that deliver a better quality of life for our clients.  From the moment a client enters one of our services they are in recovery; we assess their needs and establish a treatment journey that best first their requirements, including facilitating pathways with partners for a whole care approach, enabling whole-scale lifestyle improvements.

We understand that recovery can take many different routes and that’s why our highly skilled workers are trained to carry out a variety of interventions in cooperation with clients.  It is important for ADS that a client’s treatment journey is owned by them and they inform the recovery journey from its outset.

Our services are open, warm and friendly hubs in the community that are free for people in the area to engage with.  Typical recovery plans may include:

  • One to one sessions based on counselling formats
  • CBT
  • Group work and workshops
  • Acupuncture and other relaxation techniques
  • Sustainable housing plans
  • Criminal justice interventions
  • Mental health partnerships

Towards the end of a clients recovery journey employability becomes an important aim. We assist clients in gaining the skills and knowledge to enter the workforce of today by enabling placements and offering volunteering opportunities within ADS and our partner agencies.

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